MPTFE Lay Flat Bags (10 packs)

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All Fluorolab Lay Flat Bags are sold in packages of ten bags each.  Each package is sealed in polyethylene and shipped in a double-corrugated box.

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Fluorolab’s MPTFE Lay Flat Bags

PTFE powered performance optimized for bags.  Made with Norton® MPTFE.

PTFE is the original fluoropolymer discovered by Roy J. Plunkett’s in 1938.  Today, Fluorolab’s MPTFE Lay Flat Bags remain one of our most popular products!  You might be wondering what’s with the M?  Well, PTFE does not heat seal well.  Because of this, material producers developed Modified-PTFE, which is PTFE that has been modified to be heat seal friendly.   Fluorolab’s MPTFE Lay Flat Bags are known for:

  • Extreme chemical inertness
  • Resistance to many chemicals
  • Opaque visual appearance
  • Wide operating temperature ranges

If you have any questions about our MPTFE Lay Flat Bags please contact us.

Fluorolab’s lay flat bags

Fluorolab’s bags start life as sheets of flat material.  We fold the sheets in half and heat seal the sides to create bags.   Skilled laborers use thermal impulse heat sealing technology to ensure our bag seals are of the highest quality and are just as strong as the bag’s material itself.  Fluorolab’s lay flat bags are manufactured at our ISO 9001:2008 facility.

Closing the bags

Fluorolab’s lay flat bags have three closed sides (a fold at the bottom & two side seals) and one open end.  The open end is always on the width dimension.  If you are looking for a way to seal your bags closed check out our Lay Flat Bag Closures.

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