About Us

High Performance Plastics & Chemistry Lab Equipment

Fluorolab was launched in early 2007 as an online catalog for Welch Fluorocarbon’s expanding line of high-performance, high quality, plastic products made with Teflon® film. The goal of Fluorolab is to offer customers a well organized, user-friendly and secure method to purchase products made with Teflon® film online. We strive to make the user experience on Fluorolab as smooth as possible. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us. We welcome any feedback, and utilize it to improve upon Fluorolab’s overall design.

Fluorolab is 100% customer focused. We strive to assure our customers that we can find a solution to their problem. Welch Fluorocarbon’s expert team of staff specialists in engineering, physical sciences, and manufacturing will formulate design criteria to ensure that product performance will meet the most demanding application requirements. The same careful attention to detail is applied during the design stage, through fabrication and testing of the prototypes, and continues beyond the delivery of
finished production parts. Welch Fluorocarbon was established in 1985, and specializes in providing unique solutions with thin films. Our products have been utilized in many different industries. In aerospace and medical industries as well as many others, Welch Fluorocarbon’s high-performance plastic products can be found in numerous high tech applications all over the globe. Do you have a thick problem? If so, we have your thin solution.